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Website Changelog

Follow the development here, if you're interested in web development at all. I will likely write up some solutions to small-medium scale web applications.

Dough V1.0.0 - 2022-05-26

First Official Release, finally at a stable state.

  • Dynamic Menu (now with 10% more spreadsheets).
  • Next.js Framework (this one might change...)
  • Cloudflare Workers API (this one was very fun)
  • improved menu accessibility
  • new clean design with tailwind.css
  • on the fly image optimization (saving the world, one bit at a time)
  • mostly serverless architecture (this one is just for the nerds)
  • Less bugs <3 Typescript
  • End-End testing coming soon.
  • Swanky new markdown menu feature (w.i.p)
  • General Quality, Reliability, & Speed improvements
  • Added skeleton menu while loading to reduce cls
  • Migrated to monorepo architecture [26/05/2022]
  • General improvements to CI/CD pipeline
  • General improvements to code quality